For purposes of this article utility services shall include water, electrical, sewer, solid waste (refuse) and other utility services provided by the city.

(Code 2007)

(a)   A security deposit securing payment of customer accounts for utility services provided by the City of Greensburg, Kansas, shall be paid to the City Clerk by all applicants for utility services before services are connected or commenced. Utility services include, but are not limited to, electric, water, sewer and trash collection.  The minimum security deposit shall be $200.00 for residential locations and $750.00 for commercial locations. The minimum security deposit may be waived or reduced if: (a) The applicant furnishes a letter of good standing from a utility company or municipality verifying prompt payment history during the last twenty-four (24) month period; or, (b) the applicant provides a guarantor or co-signer satisfactory to the City securing, in writing, payment of the applicant’s account; or, (c) the applicant agrees to a credit investigation of the applicant’s credit history and the investigation shows no thirty (30) day delinquencies within the last twenty-four (24) months and no other negative credit activity within such period. If the credit investigation shows delinquencies or other negative credit activity, the City may require a security deposit exceeding the stated minimum, which will be an amount reasonably necessary to secure full payment of utility charges. If a utility customer of the City of Greensburg has utility services terminated for non-payment or delinquency, the City may require the customer to pay additional security deposits before utility services are connected or commenced. In cases of rental or leased property, the City may require the property owner to guarantee, in writing, payment of all utility service charges before utility services are connected or commenced.

(b)   Utility deposits shall be credited by the City Clerk one-fourth (1/4) to the City’s water utility security deposit fund and three-fourths (3/4) to the City’s electric utility security deposit fund. Utility deposits shall be held by the City as security for the payment of bills for all municipal utility service provided. Utility deposits, together with the interest due thereon, may be applied by the City to the payment of any accrued utility charges, or charges due on the discontinuance of service.

(Ord. 915; Code 2007; Code 2014)

Unless otherwise provided, water, electric, sewer, solid waste (refuse) or other utility service shall be terminated for nonpayment of service fees or charges in accordance with this article.

(Code 1986, 15 106; Code 2007)

The City shall make all connections or re-connections of all utility services to any premises. Before services are connected, customer history is researched.  The resident/owner or those responsible for paying rent will be allowed to have service connected in their name.

(Code 2007)

Any customer requesting service disconnection is required to give the City a forwarding address. Request for disconnection at one address and requesting a new address connected, requires the current address account paid in full before new connection can be established. Accounts older than twelve (12) months, the deposit will be returned or applied and any late payment or delinquent history during the past twelve (12) months will require a new deposit.  A service fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) shall be charged by the City for accounts that have been disconnected due to delinquency and are requesting reconnection.

(Code 2007)

Any customer who has had a delinquent account or in the “Set-Off” program will not receive service connection until previous account is paid in fill. Any customer requesting service at a location that is currently delinquent; or has been disconnected due to non-payment may be required to show proof of residency.  All customers with delinquent accounts are required to have balance paid in fill before service is reestablished. Customers are required to inform the City of any move. Requesting disconnect shall only be requested by the individual(s) listed on the account or at the discretion of the City Administrator.  Customers that are disconnected are required to have the final bill paid in full within the next two billing cycles. Accounts with remaining balances can be turned into the Kansas “Set-Off” program.

(Code 2007)

Utility meters shall be read monthly. All utility bills shall become due and payable on the tenth (10th) of each month. On the eleventh (11th) day of the month, unpaid accounts will be assessed a ten percent (10%) late fee. Delinquent notifications shall be sent to all unpaid customers the fifteenth (15th) of the month. Customers will then be given seven (7) days to have delinquent accounts paid in full. Failure to have accounts paid in full will result in disconnection. Customers may request payment options.

(Code 2007; Code 2014)